VELJAN Hydraulic Vane Pump

VELJAN Hydraulic Vane Pump

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This VELJAN Hydraulic Vane Pump causes a noteworthy load on the direction. To lessen this heap, the powers following up on the rotor must be in adjust. For twofold chamber vane pumps, the way toward filling the chambers (suction) and discharging is on a fundamental level the same with respect to single chamber vane pumps. For this situation, be that as it may, the stroke ring (i.e. stator) has a twofold whimsical inner surface. The rotor of our VELJAN Hydraulic Vane Pump can be set in the pivot of the stator on account of these surfaces, which separates them from other vane pumps.

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  • Triple single vane pump
  • Drive train vane pump
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